How to Lower Your Ride Properly

There is something mesmerizing about a car that drives close to the ground. Heading down the road in a low vehicle is like a tradition in a few places around the world and even drivers outside the low-riding community like to take the plunge sometimes. However, with so many different ways of lowering a ride, what is the correct way of getting the job done, without damaging any of the components?


Technology – Old vs. New:

Before technology became popular, car owners would simply cut off a part of the suspension coils in order to lower their vehicles. Minor cosmetic changes such as dropped fenders, sheared rooflines and side skirts were also implemented. These cosmetic changes, however, do not lower your ride. They simply leave an impression that it has been lowered.

This might work for people who are looking for the feel, but if you are looking for performance gains, you’ll have to work harder than that. While lowering your ride improves handling, performance, stability and speed, the cosmetic changes often add more drag to your ride. Hence, the trick is to know what’s important. So, let’s a look at some of the essentials!

Body Kits:

Aftermarket body kits are available for almost every type of vehicle out there in the market, and these can either enhance the way that your vehicle looks or can add some serious value to the performance. You don’t need to be an expert mechanic to replace the stock springs on your ride with lowering blocks or drop springs, as most aftermarket manufacturers keep the original specifications in mind. Hence, these mods are generally plug-and-play.

Custom Modifications:

Your car’s suspension is what keeps it firmly balanced on the ground. Without suspension play, you would lose control, every time you hit a pothole. Like I mentioned earlier, custom body kits only lend an impression of a suspension drop, without adding any actual performance advantage. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider this option.


Wheel camber can also be used to lower your car’s ride height, and this is often a one-step modification. Less height may throw off the camber due to uneven weight distribution and make you feel like you just lost your spine on hitting a speed bump.

Lowering your ride needs articulate planning and careful execution as even a minor adjustment flaw could have catastrophic results. You need to have a visual conception of what you want and what your actions will yield, before proceeding with a suspension drop. Remember that this could be a very expensive fix. Hence, you need to be 100% sure you want this, before going ahead with the plan because once it’s done, there is no coming back. Plan ahead!

The Importance of Compatible Rims and Tyres on Your Car

Mags play a huge role in upgrading the general physical attributes of a vehicle to a huge extent. If you are in the mood to spice up your vehicle, there is no better way to do it than by installing a new set of mag wheels on your car.

Mags + Rims and Tyres

Why Choose Mags?

Even though mag wheels are not new in the market, they are still in vogue due to their numerous performance benefits over the conventional steel rims. The physical composition of steel renders numerous negative aspects that are overcome by magnesium alloys. Properties such as lightweight construction, overall strength, etc. are higher with magnesium alloy.

As a result, magnesium was the first choice for engineers when it came to constructing performance wheels for cars. However, magnesium has its share of problems, such as high combustibility. Mag wheels are hence difficult to put out in case of accidental fires.

This problem was quickly sorted out by the use of aluminium, since, aluminium shares most of the other physical properties with magnesium. The term mags stuck on! Even though mag wheels were initially introduced to the field of performance auto sports, they quickly found their way into the commercial circuit.

Get a New Set of Mags at the Nearest Retailer:

Mag wheels are readily available across all major dealerships around the world today! Hence, if you are on the lookout for a fresh set of rims and tyres for your ride, looking at mag wheel options is a must! Mag wheels are a car enthusiast’s greatest possession. As a result, they are usually well taken care of and for obvious reasons too.

Mag wheels are not just expensive to own, they require proper care and maintenance. Improper handing could result in accidental damage, which might blow a hole in your pocket. Hence, it is always better to drive carefully around the curbs. In numerous cases, damage to mag wheels are unrepairable, or else, the cost is unviable. In such situations, it is always better to replace the current stock with a new set.

Searching for the Best Deals in the Market:

Opting for a new set of wheels will immediately draw your attention to tyres, since, without a compatible setup, you will not be able to run your vehicle. There are numerous options to choose from in this regard, and the final decision rests with you.

While looking for a new set of rims and tyres, make it a point to search online, since online dealerships usually offer the maximum discounts. You should run a complete analysis of the market before taking the final call, since, you are bound to get a better view of the current market scenario this way. Happy shopping!

The Importance Reasons Why You Should Stay Away from Replica Alloy Wheels

Wheel an tyre retailers do not just sell products anymore. The field has grown vast,needing immediate attention and diversification. Hence, dealers are also offering a wide network of after-sales services that were previously missing from the package!

There must have been times when you have wanted to solve all your automotive needs under one roof, but were disappointed by the results. However, that is a thing of the past, since all modern dealers have a network, catering to the multiple needs of every client.

Replica Alloy Wheels

Hence, if you’re looking for a set of alloy wheels but don’t know where to start, I’d recommend viewing a few online dealers. You could also choose to visit a brick & mortar store if like, but these stores usually charge an extra amount on the actual cost price.

Online Retailers vs. Brick & Mortar Stores:

Online mega stores share a certain advantage over the conventional stores, in terms of numerous savings that they receive. For example, a brick & mortar store needs a steady location, which is either bought or rented, next comes 24 hour electric and water supply, numerous taxes and the salaries of the employees.

Online shops do not need any of these provision to operate daily. Hence, the owners save a lot of money, which is often passed down the chain, to the customers. Hence, make it a point to visit the online stores while searching for the best deal.

Why Stick to Genuine Alloys:

The next important step is to understand the quality of the alloy wheels that you need. Always go for a reputed brand with a proven history. Local brands often discard even the most basic of safety norms, resulting in high chances of failure, which may ultimately lead to an accident!

Wheels need to be robust and well balanced. While the major manufacturers keep these aspects in mind, most of the local shops that specialize in manufacturing replica wheels often leave this valuable point behind. Hence, even though their products might look original from the outside, they are weak and poorly engineered, resulting in high chances of an accident.

The Importance of Wheel Balancing:

We all know the important of a robust wheel, but if you’re skeptical about the need for a balanced wheel, read on. A well balanced wheel eliminates all chances of unnecessary vibrations,premature suspension and steering column weathering,etc. This not just calls for a smooth ride, but also enhances the overall lifespan of your vehicle in general.

If you’re short on cash, I’d recommend you save up and opt for a product from a renowned brand, but try to stay away from cheap duplicate products! Alloy wheels, though stronger than the conventional steel rims, can break if subjected to huge amounts of pressure all of a sudden. Hence, try to stay away from potholed roads and other uneven surfaces.

If you plan on going off-road, opt for off-road mag wheels, which are specially designed to tackle the extra impact. Replica wheels are hardly up to the challenge and fail miserably. Hence, they are an added burden that you should stay away from. Have fun!

Mag Wheels Perth and How They Are Useful For You

You are probably one of those who wish to use Mag wheels Perth in their car. Well, you are not alone and most people today feel like doing that, especially if you want your car to stand out in a crowd. They are almost same as ordinary wheels but they add a special look to your automobile.

They are made up of aluminum and magnesium alloys and as a result, they are perfect for their strength and durability. At the same time, they are incredibly stylish and light-weight in nature.

Mag Wheels

Advantages of alloy wheels

The wheels like these are manufactured by forging or casting of proper metal alloys. There are significant advantages in using alloy wheels. Firstly, they are light-weight and best suited for use in sports cars. Made up of forged aluminum or magnesium alloy, these wheels have the work cut out just perfect for them.

Cast aluminum is not used in the mag wheel packages since they are heavier than their counterparts. Due to the light-weight nature of wheels, they provide better grip on the roads and support any kind of terrain. Even on the mileage front, they are quite impressive in nature and it reduces the stress on the car, thereby making it live long and balanced.

Change the look of your car with mag-alloy wheels

Your car could be beautiful, machismo and everything you wish to call it but pair of old steel wheels will definitely ruin that look. Switching to mag alloy wheels helps your car to get that perfect look over time. In the meantime, there are also certain disadvantages of using alloy wheels. These wheels could be damaged and that is the reason why they need to be repaired.

There are many reasons why these Mag wheels Perth need repairing. In case you are driving hard through rough terrain, the presence of unruly rocks, surfaces and dirt can generally affect these wheels. The wheels could also be damaged in case you are parking your car carelessly. Scratches can make the wheels look ugly and discolored. They have the tendency of looking dented and deformed if you do not take proper care of it. Wheels should always be repaired if a situation like that ever arises.

Smoother wheels for the best uses

Since the alloy wheels are lighter, the steering and braking also become easier, smoother and quicker. There are many factory-fitted wheels which do not provide drivers with such essential features. The durability of alloy wheel packages is something we all love. These wheels are quite resistant to tears and breakage and it makes them very powerful and tough at the same time. Since they are more tough and durable than normal wheels, expect the price to be higher as well.

However, for that price you get the benefits of driving with an uncommon wheel which definitely suits your still and likings. For the cars that have tubeless tyres, alloy wheels perfect for them. With such a feature, you can explore any kind of wheels on your beloved ride. You can also choose Mag wheels Perth in various shapes, sizes and categories which suit the overall design and theme of your car.